Saltwater Fishing Lures - Aloha Lures by Merlin - Trolling for Big Game, Offshore Fishing Lures from Hawaii from Captain Erik Rusnak, aka Merlin. Proven for marlin, tuna, wahoo in Florida, Hawaii, Cabo, St. Thomas, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans
Grander - 1027 # Marlin with an Aloha Lures Smash Bait on July 27 in Kona Hawaii

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Captain Erik Rusnak aka MERLIN, has been fishing and designing lures in Hawaii for over thirty years. Based on observation and function, each shape is finely tuned for the most consistent and desirable swimming action.

The clear resin heads take on the colors of the skirt materials and will not crack or chip.

Mirrored inserts are bright and highly visible drawing strikes from all predatory game fish.

Created in Hawaii and tested worldwide, these deadly designs have proven themselves as necessary tools for tournaments and meat fishing alike.

Perfect for catching marlin, sailfish, mahi mahi, ono and tuna. Find an Aloha Lure perfect for your spread.

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Aloha Lures - Proven Fishing Weapons!
Respect the ocean, fish hard, and believe...
Tight lines and good times,     
Captain Erik Rusnak     

Aloha T-Tops also available: Please call Erik at 808-227-2882

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